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Party Central


Hi! I'm Yvonne, your Party hostess. Okay. Here's how it works.
    Every month, Rainbow Kennelz throws a Petz Rave. It lasts 2 days. All of the partiez have themes. This month's theme is "Patriotism" for July.The partiez will always be held on the 15th of the month unless stated otherwise, and you send your petz in the day before. So on July 14th, send your petz to , and they will be returned on the 16th or 17th.
At the party Petz will dress up, socialize, disco, play with toyz, eat food.....etc.
    We will post pictures from the party after each one happens!
       Please Come!!!
***Your Petz might win Door Prizes***
If you are going to send your petz, please send a form so we'll know they're coming.

Your Name:
Your e-mail:
Your petz's name:
Your petz's breed(s)
Your petz's gender:

Last updated July 8, 2002