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Hi! I'm Bigfoot. No, not the paranormal Sasquatch. I'm a Catz, duh! Here you can IM me or e-mail me with questions... about anything. Anything at all... and I'm not an opinionated cat,...... I'm just always right! *Salem rolls eyes*
What's your favorite book?:
A:   I like Return From Howliday Inn, by James Howe. It is funny, dramatic, everything you want in a book.
How long do you cook a leg of lamb?:
 A:    What is lamb? A fuzzy animal that goes "baaa"?  Ooooh....
that.... Well I only eat lamb at Thanksgiving, and my mom makes a fire, ties the lamb to a stick, and rolls the stick. Also known as "Rotisserie".
What music is cool for Catz?:
 A:  Definitely R & B (Rythm and Blues). Like Destiney's Child, Creed...... Those are some jammin' tunes!
Why are your feet big?:
A: It's in my blood. See, Salem has a big head. So does Double Blue. Cheyenne has a big rear. (ha ha) And Marshmallow..... Ha! That's how he got his name. His body is so big I don't know how those little legs walk.
Are you a king or something? What's with the crown?:
A: Next question.
Your coat is weird!:
A:     1. That isn't a question.
        2. Blame my parents.
 Aren't you that big scary thing I saw on TV last night? You know, the one that eats the people?
A:  Tell the Discovery Channel to stop airing "When Bigfoot Attacks". Do I look like a killer to you? *smiles devilishly* Anyway, I'm glad you think I'm a movie star. I really appreciate it. Really!
What is your favorite toy?
A: Hmm. That's a hard one. I like to chew on the Dogz bone. Human bones, too! Ok just kidding. I like the automatic rolling ball. Every Petz will tell you the same. How does it roll by itself????
What are all of your breeds:
A: Hmm. That's hard. Mini Fluffies and Calico. I am 2nd generation, and I am one of the most recent kittenz! It's because the starters of the family had me.
Do you have a mate:
A: Next Question.
What games do Catz like to play?
A: ALL sorts. I like watching the cursor and getting dizzy. LOL! We like teasing mean Dogz sometimes. I like to bat at the fuzzy ball on the tip of the Catz teaser. Life itself is a game.
Do you like Beanie Babies?
A: Yes!!!! Who doesn't? They are soft and fuzzy and crunchy....
You are a very cute Catz. Do you wear any specific clothing or collars or tags?
A: Well, I like to wear a crown. Sometimes I like wearing black flare pants. (By the way, I'm a girl) You can barely ever catch me in a cute t-shirt. I'm a total tomboy.
What's your favorite movie?
A: Princess Diaries, of course. Ashley is watching it right now and I'm serious!
Do you ever enter shows? If so, do you place? Which place?
A: No, I don't enter shows. Sorry! Most serious-showing sites only accept real-to-life breeds.
What's with the crown? Are you a queen or something? (hehe)
A: Yes. I am a queen. Thanks for noticing! Lol.
Do you like the Catz stuffed Petz toyz in Petz?
A: Yes. Ashley has a B+W Shorthair real Petz toy! They sold them in 1998. They are fun!
How is it that you won't tell us whether you have a mate or not? I'd be happy to find a handsome one for you. =)
A: I don't. I like being free. Girls just wanna have fun!
How do I get Petz 4 downloads into the game?
A: Well, you put it in the right folder. Then restart your computer. Then open Petz. It should work.
Do they have any more real Petz toys in stores?
A: I don't think so. I got mine at Toys R' Us (in 1998)
Try   It is safe. That's the one I always use.
Who's your best friend?
A: You! No, I don't know you. Would YOU like to be my best friend?
Bigfoot, do you like to hang out with Dogz? Do you even like Dogz?
A: Ew. You try playing with a slobber machine. They are a little too hyper for me. I like nice, calm Dogz only.
Do you like being a Catz? If you could be anything, what would you be?
A: I love being a Catz! You never have to use the bathroom or die or anything. You can do anything in Virtual-Land.
What are your hobbies?
A: Licking myself, Meowing, chomping my cousins, scaring my cousins, having tea with The Queen----Pretty normal.
Bigfoot, do you have any ideas how I can get more people to sign my petition. It's to get UbiSoft to make petz 5. I think it's really important, but I can't get enough signatures. What should I do?
A: Didn't I sign yours? Don't you have 147 signatures or something? Please send me your site URL in the question form.
Rainbow Kennelz will be overjoyed to help out the cause. I want Petz 5 as much as you do. I will put a big banner on my home page that will link to your site, and I'll try to spread the word. All I need is your URL.
Where can I find your e-mail?
A: Isn't it all over the site?  Silly me, we must've taken it off. My bad! It is: .
Are you a father?
A: NO, you weirdo, I'm a GIRL!
Wussup? No actually my question is: What is the right folder for downloads?
A: If it's a .winzip file it doesn't matter. If it is a Catz file, :C://Program Files/P.F. Magic/Petz 4/Resource/Catz.
If it's dogz,:C://Program Files/P.F.Magic/Petz 4/Resource/Dogz.
Are you mean to other Catz?
A: Hmmm... That depends. You see, would you like to be nice to someone that was mean to you? *I'm not gonna say any names, but you know who you are* Some are mean. I'm not *that* mean. Bwahahaaha!
Are you ever going to settle down and have a family or are you a career girl?
A: Total career girl. I mean, family is boring. Yawn, yawn, yawn.  I like the simple things in life. Give me a toy, and I'll be eternally grateful.
Why won't you get married? You could have some really cute (and cool) little kittens.
A: Wow thanks. But, no.
Is your owner a good hexer?
A: Not really. My hexing program doesn't work anymore.
Do you have A mate? if you do What does she look like and whatz her name?
A: Oh, brother...
How many bros. or sisterz do  you have?
A: A lot! Some of them are in a litter on the litterz page. The rest of them might be up for adoption later.
Are you sure you don't want a mate...
A: Yes...
Someone told me that throwing a cat out the window of a car turns it into kitty litter. Is this true?
A:Um..Actually, I've never tried it. It might work, but wouldn't your cat get hurt if you through it out the window of a car?...
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Last updated June 23, 2002