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    * **White Bootz***

               What you do:

1. Take out a pet and put camping socks on each of your their little feetz.
2. Put on the Elephant pants and sweater.
3. Put your petz up.

4. Bring your petz out.

5. Take off the Elephant sweater and Pantz.

They now have white bootz.   To fix it, take off the socks, put your petz up, then take them back out.

*Elephant Glitch*

1.Put on all of the Elephant suit.   

2.Wait a !real! day.

3. It's poofy the next day.

*Frozen Dogz*

1. Get out a Dogz that likes to play tug of war.

2. Play.

3. Yank the toy in one direction, but don't let go!

4. After your Dogz falls, then let go.

5. They are frozen until you pick them up!

***Change Startup Message****
Go into My Computer/C:/Program Files/PF.Magic/then your game (e.g. Catz4)/Resource.
You should see a little notepad called  Catzsplash or Dogzsplash. Open it and you will see all the little startup messages and you see something like this:57 ******* NUMBER OF MESSAGES *********
Welcome To Dogz 4
Left-click to pet Dogz, right-click to pick them up.
Drop your Dogz on the red Petz Door to put them away.
Dogz listen to you best with few distractions.
Click on "Pick A Pet" to take out Petz.
Check out the Travel Diary in your Petz Menu.
Double-click to call Dogz over to your cursor.
To avoid neglect, you need to play with all your Dogz.
Use single, simple words so your Dogz understand you.
Get new toyz from the Toy Closet.
Go down to the 4th line and cut every thing below the 4th line  and paste it  in to another notepad or Word or something.
Go to the 4th line and type your message.

56 ******* NUMBER OF MESSAGES *********
Welcome To Catz 4
Left-click to pet Catz, right-click to pick them up.


Save. When you start up your petz game, it should show up!


What you do:

Put santa pantz on your cats. Put them up. Take them back out. Take off the Santa pants. To remove, put your Catz up and take them out again.


Last updated May 30, 2002