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Here you can put Petz ads, such as in the Petz Personals, where you can put an ad and a pic of your petz who are looking for love. You can put an ad and a pic of your petz, in the Trading Center,and you might trade petz with someone if they e-mail you! In the Happy Announcement section, you can put a pic of your petz's new baby, or of your happily married petz couple. In the Want Adz, you can put up stuff you want, like a hexed petz, and tell what you will give if you get it.
   You can put your site in the cool site links section, too!
Have fun!
 Want to put one up? Use the form, and I will e-mail you back for the pic.
  Date: 6/25/02
 P.F. Magic is coming out with Petz 5! YAY! It will have features like,
  • Weather Effects
  • Day and Night Cycles
  • New Breedz
  • Playscenes
  • Mini Games
  • Litterz
  • New Toys and Clothing
  • Upgraded Graphics
  • And it's coming out in fall, it will be around 19.99 us dollars. (for each program) 


                       Petz Personalz

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                      Happy Announcements

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                     Want Adz

    From Holly: I want a litter for my website. Hopefully Australian Shepards, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepards, or some sort of Petz. I also need some Catz litters, too. I will give you a Petz bred specially for you!!!

    From Carry: Looking for a border collie/dane mix to breed with my border collie/dane.  She should have up ears and a fluffy tail.  Generation doesn't matter all that much, but I would like her once more to have the fluffy tail and the up ears.  Email me with a picture.

    If you are interested, e-mail me at and *then* I will give their e-mail address.

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    Petz Breeding Kennels

    Bubble Gum Petz

    High Voltage Kennelz

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    Last updated June 25, 2002